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Here are 3 main assignments I completed for my Advanced Perspective class during my 3rd term at Art Center. During the course of the class we had to have a common theme for all of our environments, and mine was The Haunted Mansion.

For the first image we had to create the interior of a train. I drew a lounge area of the train with Madame Leota at the bar as both bar tender and fortune teller for the passengers on the train.

For the second image we had to create an interior so I transformed the stretching portrait room in Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion, into a sitting room/seance room.

For the third image we had to create an exterior environment so I brought us into the graveyard of the Haunted Mansion.


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tell me about ur ocs i want to draw ocs i want ocs i need ocs

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Brand: Peach John
Tokyo Girls Collection Runway S/S 2014

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pink-goggles said:
Once you get this, you have to say five nice things you like about yourself publicly, then send it to ten of your favourite followers!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I get embarrassed about these things becuz i don’t want to spam anyone’s dash but okay!!

  1. I like that I have a good sense of humor!!!!!! A lot of ppl laugh at my jokes which makes me happy :’^))))))
  2. I like that I’m super confident aka i don’t get embarrassed very easily and im p open to talking to strangers and just starting up conversations!!
  3. I LOVE my fukn dank ass short hair i am a *~queen~* now bow down
  4. I like that people can rely on me and can confide in me!!!!!!!
  5. I like that I am a few people’s “go to person” weeps a lot

this was cute danke danke!!!!! (´•͈ुω•͈ू`)(´•͈ुω•͈ू`)(´•͈ुω•͈ू`)

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Shipping requires some sacrifices.

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credits: ron lemen, kevin chen, michael hampton, michael matessi, various others

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